Kade McMartin.
Kade McMartin. Alistair Brightman

Motocross riders return for first time in a month

MOTOCROSS: A fortnight ago, Hervey Bay Motocross Club's dams were so dry they had only enough water to last one more club meet this year.

After the weekend's massive downpour, there is enough to last another 12 months.

Club president Tim Roker will be at the track to get it ready for the first club meet in five weeks at the Dundowran venue, and he and other club officials are expecting a big start list.

"We emptied the dam - we only had enough water to get through one more meet, the other dam was bone dry,” Roker said. "If we get any more heavy rain it could ruin the track but I'll be out there (today) to work on it.

"There could be anywhere between 80 and 150 riders.

"Motocross is a funny sport. A lot of people wait to see what the weather is doing, and if it's fine and there's not much else on you can have a big turnout.”

Sign-on is at 7am with racing to start by 9am.

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