Cops spied on Sarah Amanda-Lee Junge's texts and calls.
Cops spied on Sarah Amanda-Lee Junge's texts and calls. FACEBOOK

Mum ropes teen boy into pitiful drug operation

A YOUNG mother got a teenage boy to help out in her burgeoning drug business.

Sarah Amanda-Lee Junge boasted of having "the best" ice in Ipswich, a court heard on Friday.

But despite selling to dozens of people, Junge did not make any significant profit.

The 25-year-old pleaded guilty to charges including drug trafficking and drug supply.

Junge was caught after police used phone taps and stored communication warrants to track her dealings.

Cops pinpointed some 750 voice and text conversations about drugs.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Junge had about 40-45 customers.

A large proportion of those people might have had their lives ruined as a result of ice use, Justice Graeme Crow said.

He told Junge a previous judge warned that drugs would be her downfall.

"Each time you re-offend, the sentences get longer and longer and longer," Justice Crow added.

The court heard Junge was funding her own drug habit at the time.

And the Crown said Junge's business was relatively unsophisticated.

Junge had 97 days of pre-sentence custody declared as time served.

Justice Crow also took into account a non-declarable stint in custody.

She was given five years jail for drug trafficking but will be eligible for parole on June 9 this year.

Her co-offender was 16 when he got involved.

Prosecutors said the teen at times spoke on behalf of the drug business and negotiated prices.

But Justice Crow said the young man was probably "caught up in something" he did not fully understand.

His role involved "answering calls and delivering drugs on occasion".

Justice Crow said the offending was maybe a case of "things young people do without thinking of the consequences".

He said the boy's peers were using drugs.

It took "a strong person" to have friends like that and not get sucked into drug use, Justice Crow said.

He was sentenced to 104 days in jail but had already spent 104 days in custody.

So for one charge of drug trafficking, he was given probation. -NewsRegional