"Come talk to me when you are feeding eight kids and not one!"

Mum shamed for her Woolies grocery shop

As stockpiling gets more intense - so does the hostile environment at the supermarkets across the country.

After coronavirus was confirmed as a pandemic yesterday (Thursday), supermarkets have introduced tighter limits on items such as hand towel, toilet paper, tissues, rice and pasta.

These restrictions put pressure on all consumers - and even more so for those who have multiple hungry mouths to feed.

One livid mum was confronted with a customer who shamed for her the amount of items she had at the checkout.

"I was at Woolworths this morning to get some things I could not get last week and this smartass b**ch in front of me at the checkout kept looking at my stuff and shaking her head," the mum posted in the Budgeting, Food, Stockpiling, Savings, Ideas, Life Help Australia Facebook group.

"(She) then asked the lady at the register if those paper towels were for sale, the lady said, 'yes you can have two packets', she said, 'no I only want one', and looked at me and said, 'I am not greedy'."

The furious mum didn't hold back when the customer made the presumptuous remark.

"I said, 'WTF come talk to me when you (are) feeding eight kids and not one, stupid b**ch. None of the stuff I bought had restrictions on them and no it's not for my stockpile, it's just stuff I could not get last week!"

This prompted other mums, also with eight kids to feed, to vent their similar frustrations.

"I have eight kids with five at home. These limits are killing me. I have to try and shop every two days to try and get what I need," one mum wrote.

"I have eight kids and I felt full shame loading one pack of toilet paper last week in my trolley," another mum said.

"My trolley was FULL and people were sniggering about me and my panic buying mode - umm this was about a five-day worth shop."

The stories of mums getting shamed by complete strangers just kept rolling in.

"She would have hated me with half a trolley full of long-life milks yesterday. We use five a day and yes that's just a week's worth with my six kids lol," one mum scoffed.

While another was judged by people who have no idea that her child has an allergy.

"We get filthy looks for buying 12 cartons of rice milk last week and again today! I have a dairy-free child and this is a week's worth for us," the mum said.

One mum gave the most sound advice to avoid the unnecessary confrontation while you're doing your weekly grocery shop.

"Shop online. Just did a $600 shop & not one single judgmental look," she said.

And this mum summed up the entire situation perfectly:

"The world has gone insane. It really has."

This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.