Brent Carrow died following a motorcycle crash at Bellbird Park on Monday.
Brent Carrow died following a motorcycle crash at Bellbird Park on Monday. Facebook

Mum's anguish watching son die in motorcycle crash

A MUM has relived the night she watched her son die in hospital only hours after receiving the call he was involved in a horrific motorcycle crash.

Young dad Brent Carrow died of extensive critical injuries after his motorcycle slammed into a 4WD at Bellbird Park on Monday night.

The 21-year-old was rushed to Princess Alexandra Hospital just after 7pm with head, chest and abdominal injuries and both his legs and arms were broken. He died before midnight.

Mr Carrow's mum, Rosemary Sondergard, said her 'world fell apart' when doctors told her Brent could not survive his injuries.

"It all happened so quick. I heard Brent had been in a serious accident and he's not responding and my whole world just dropped. I thought 'no, not my Brent'," she said.

Brent Carrow died following a motorcycle crash at Bellbird Park on Monday.
Brent Carrow died following a motorcycle crash at Bellbird Park on Monday. Facebook

"I didn't believe it, he was always so careful on his bike and he was an excellent rider.

"The doctor told me his brain injuries were so severe he wouldn't survive the night. I felt my world shatter. He had two broken arms and two broken legs but because of the seriousness of his injuries they wouldn't be able to do anything for him. He passed away at 11.14 that night."

Brent's partner, Tia, Aunt, Dianne, Nan, Edna and Dad, Paul were also at the hospital at the time of his death.

Ms Sondergard said Brent was keen motorcycle enthusiast and had been riding bikes since he was a child.

"In his teens he got into motocross and cars. It was his passion to rebuild them and help others to fix their bikes and cars. He was very compassionate for the mechanical side of things," she said.

"He got his first Pee-Wee when he was 12. He was rebellious enough to take it on the road and I busted him. He had no fear at all, it was all about the adrenaline and the rush he gets from doing it.

"He also loved going to the skids and he used to go to Willowbank a fair bit to watch them."

She said Brent was a 'vibrant' child who loved animals, had no fear and adored his two children.

Mr Sondergard said Brent's son, Riley, was born when he was 17 and his daughter, Jay-Lee, was born only three and a half weeks before he died.

"He was a young dad. He started early with family because he wanted to have a full life," she said.

"His son is a replica of him, he is a complete new Brent all over again. He gets him involved with everything he is doing, even down to their Adidas and Nike clothing and what they wear.

"He was close to his friends and he loved his kids with all his heart.

"He was one in a million, irreplaceable. You'll never find anyone like him. He was so caring and loveable and stern at the same time. He wouldn't back down and wouldn't give up a fight but unfortunately, he gave up this one.

"He was always there for me and always stood up for me. He was that type of person."

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help Brent's family pay for this funeral, which is expected to be held next week.

"He will be dearly missed and loved be all. I need to bury my son and put him to rest," Ms Sondergard said.

She said Brent left behind a loving family, his dad, Paul, and siblings Dylon, 19, Cameron, 16, Leigha, 11 and Geremiah, seven.

"When he was growing up he was always happy. I told him every day 'I love you son' and he always said to me 'love you too Mum'," she said.

"I enforced into him that you have to tell people you love them because you never know when it will be their last day.

"'You know it's Brent and what' used to be on his answering machine and he used to say it all the time. It was his trade mark.

"I know his whole life. He was such a vibrant little man when he was born. On his second day of being in the world he took the pacifier and sucked the top right off. We weren't able to give them to him any more after that because he was too strong,

"He took his first steps in his nanna's lounger room.

"He got his first bike when he was four and he took the bell off with a screwdriver and used to walk around the house ringing it."

Ms Sondergard said Brent's funeral would be open for anyone to attend and details would be announced in the coming days.

Visit the Go Fund Me page at