Accused Gold Coast axe-killer Maxwell Beever faces court
Accused Gold Coast axe-killer Maxwell Beever faces court

Murder accused ‘not a well man’

An 82-year-old Gold Coast man accused of killing his sick wife with an axe, belt and pair of jeans has had his case mentioned in court, with his lawyer denying it was a domestic violence crime.

Maxwell Beever was charged with murdering his wife of more than 60 years, Robyn, 81, at their Varsity Lakes home last week.

Mrs Beever was believed to be suffering from dementia, while Mr Beever has Parkinson's disease.

The couple's adult daughter discovered the gruesome scene after going to check on her parents.

Mr Beever was taken to Gold Coast University Hospital after the incident for medical treatment.

His family has said he has their "unwavering love and support" in the wake of the tragedy.

Mr Beever was charged at a bedside court hearing and his case was adjourned until Friday.

He did not appear in Southport Magistrates Court in person but was represented by lawyer Jonathan Nyst, of Nyst Legal.

Mr Nyst told the court the matter should be moved from the specialist domestic violence court to the mainstream court.

"It should not be sitting under domestic violence," he said.

Mr Nyst also asked for a brief of evidence to be provided in five weeks.

"My client is in custody, is currently in hospital and has serious health conditions as well as Parkinson's disease," he said.

Prosecutor Trudy Jobberns asked for six weeks to prepare a brief of evidence, which was opposed by Mr Nyst.

Ms Jobberns said it was a domestic violence crime but this was disputed by Mr Nyst who said the matter was a murder case.

He said the case should proceed as quickly as possible as his client was in custody in hospital and "justice delayed is justice denied".

The case was adjourned until April 23.

Outside court Mr Nyst said Beever was in the Gold Coast University Hospital.

"His and his family's concerns at the moment are directly related to his health and that his welfare are taken care of," he said.

Mr Nyst said he was working to get the matter resolved as soon as possible.

"It is in everyone's interest in this case that it is resolved as quickly as possible and that is also in regards to Mr Beever's health and his age," he said.

"Justice delayed is justice denied and in this case that is particularly the case."

Mr Nyst said Beever was not a well man and hospital was the best place for him right now.

He said it was a very traumatic set of circumstances for Beever's family.


Originally published as Murder accused 'not a well man'