A young woman was present at the execution-style murder of Jarrod Leigh Turner. She has now been jailed for helping the killer evade the hands of the law.
A young woman was present at the execution-style murder of Jarrod Leigh Turner. She has now been jailed for helping the killer evade the hands of the law.

Murderer’s girlfriend jailed over accessory charge

THE GIRLFRIEND of a murderer who executed his unsuspecting mate by a roadside has also been jailed for her role in the crime.

Jemma Rumley-Cantrell, 24, has been imprisoned for two years and four months after pleading guilty to being an accessory after the fact of murder.

In his sentencing remarks published Monday, Supreme Court judge Michael Brett said Rumley-Cantrell was present when her boyfriend Shannon James Duffy murdered Jarrod Leigh Turner in April 2019.

Last month, Duffy, 32, was jailed for life with a non-parole period of 18 years after pleading guilty to shooting Mr Turner in the head at close range while his victim was urinating on the side of Colebrook Road.

Until recently, Ms Rumley-Cantrell's involvement in the crime was subject to a Supreme Court media suppression order.

But with that order now lifted, it can be revealed that the young woman - then 22 - picked up Duffy in her car on the night of April 13.

He was carrying an item wrapped in clothing - an object that later turned out to be the loaded gun he used to murder Mr Turner, in the belief his mate had sexually assaulted a young female friend.

"It is accepted that you knew nothing about Duffy's intention, the female's allegation, or that the item he had with him when you collected him was a firearm," Justice Brett said.

The young woman also collected Mr Turner before driving the pair to various locations, including Seven Mile Beach, for a night of drinking and fun.

She didn't leave her vehicle at any stage of the night.

On their way back, one of the men asked Rumley-Cantrell to pull over so they could urinate.

"You heard the shot and saw Mr Turner fall to the ground," Justice Brett said.

"You realised what had happened as soon as Duffy got back into the car after closing the rear passenger door, placed the firearm at his feet and told you to go. You drove off as instructed by him."

She drove them to a house at Gagebrook and waited while Duffy showered, then concealed the car at Duffy's sister's house, and claimed she was later "effectively detained" at a location known as "the shed".

She and Duffy then went to Fingal, where they spent five days hiding from police.

Justice Brett said after she was arrested, it was accepted Rumley-Cantrell identified Duffy as the perpetrator and admitted her own involvement in driving him around, concealing the vehicle and purchasing supplies afterwards.

The judge said Rumley-Cantrell drove away "in the context of the shock and immediate trauma of seeing him murder Mr Turner" and was undoubtedly scared for her own safety after the killer threatened her.

However, Justice Brett said in the hours and days that followed, she provided her boyfriend with "real assistance".

Rumley-Cantrell will be eligible for parole after she has served one year and two months.

Originally published as Murderer's girlfriend jailed over accessory charge