Mystery woman pays off $17K in Toyworld lay-bys

Staff and parents at a Toyworld store north of Brisbane are "blown away" after a mystery woman walked in and paid off everyone's lay-bys.

The woman, who asked not to receive any publicity from the action, paid off close to $17,000 worth of lay-bys at the Rothwell Toyworld store.

It is not the first time this has happened this festive season with other mystery people paying off lay bys at multiple stores across southeast Queensland.

A mum, amazed by the news, shared your thanks on a community social media page.

"To the incredibly kind and generous soul that just paid off ours and everyone else's lay by at Mr Toys Toyworld Rothwell, thank you, thank you so-so much," she wrote.



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Another resident said: "What a wonderful thing to do, Just goes to show there is still kindness and generosity around".

A Toyworld spokesperson said all the staff were "blown away" by the whole thing.

Originally published as Mystery woman pays off $17K in Toyworld lay-bys