Screenshots from a video of an alleged Yowie sighting in Queensland.
Screenshots from a video of an alleged Yowie sighting in Queensland. Contributed

Juvenile yowie discovered: Is this proof they exist?

OVERNIGHT UPDATE: THE Sunshine Coast Yowie Research team have returned from their overnight mission after one of their most successful finds to date. 

They believe to have discovered the tracks of a juvenile yowie in the Wamuran and Woodford areas. 

In the region to find the source of a mysterious howl and animal killer, Dave Taylor said the latest findings are a first for him. 

Possible yowie print
Possible yowie print

"The weirdest part of last night, we were on this sandy track and notices these strange footprints," he said. 

"They came out of the scrub, real thick bush, like a child's footprints, six or seven, and walked around and then vanished. 

"Not a single trace of them. It is the first time ever we have seen them and it really intrigued us. 

"We believe we have found some juvenile yowie footprints."

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It wasn't their only strange find. 

Out the back of Wamuran near the Twins Mountains, they were searching. On their way back, they found a branch had been laid across their path by a mystery source, on top of a footprint. 

"It was a decent sized branch and there is no way it fell," he said. 

"We also came across a lot of dog prints, but with human prints beside them, so we don't believe it to be wild dogs. 

"We took recordings of the howling and will share them later." 

More to come as this mystery unfolds.

EARLIER: A WHISPER has spread to the ears of Sunshine Coast myth buster Dave Taylor of a mystery creature ripping cages and killing animals.

His company, Sunshine Coast Yowie Research work for free to investigate and put reason to the unexplained events or sightings.

After hearing reports of attacks that killed three guinea fowl birds in a Wamuran property, which included some "huge paw prints" being left behind in a nearby farm, they decided to act.

My Taylor believes the mystery creature is a yowie and will head out tonight for a thorough investigation.

He said this was the culmination of months of work.

"A couple of months ago we had reports from a guy who sighted a Yowie at Mt Tibrogargan," he said.


"Then two weeks ago at the Beerburrum Motel a guy contacted us saying his partner had heard a strange howl late at night.

"We stayed and heard it too. At first you think its a dog, then you listen. It has a much longer and sharper pitch.

"Then after we heard about the invisible thing at Wamuran we decided to head out.

"We definitely think there is a link between them all."


Mulgowie Yowie. Photo: Contributed
What a yowie supposedly looks like. Contributed

Mr Taylor doesn't believe the creatures to be invisible, but one of his work mates does.

"He has been doing it for 30 years and one time he saw long grass being separated by something big but invisible," he said.

"So we look for obvious signs of damage to wildlife and what not.

"We found evidence of a big cat in Landsborough once, paw prints and a big hair ball. Things like that."

The Sunshine Coast Daily will speak with Mr Taylor on Sunday to find out how the hunt went.