FOR youngsters Albert Page and Noah Burns, performing traditional Butchulla dances is like taking a trip back in time.  

The two are part of the local Butchulla dance troupe, which has been busy this week performing at Fraser Coast NAIDOC events. 


  On Wednesday the troupe performed at a flag raising ceremony at St Stephen's Hospital in Hervey Bay.   

Nine-year-old Albert says he simply simple loves dancing and connecting to a culture that spans millennia.  

He said his mind often wanders into thinking about the Butchulla culture while he performs in front of the crowds.   

Noah, 12, is involved in a variety of activities which allow him to sink his teeth into his heritage.

  This includes going to meetings to learn about Butchulla artefacts.

With plenty of traditional dance routines to remember, Noah said it can be nerve-racking performing in front of others but plenty of practice sessions help him feel confident.

  The hospital now has an Australian, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Islander flag on display.

General manager Darren Rogers said its a move towards conciliation to make everyone at the hospital feel safe and included.