Near-future flooding hard to pin point: BOM

A SPOKESMAN from the Bureau of Meteorology says while it is difficult to predict if a flood will hit the region in the near future, there are some warning signs to look out for.

When asked if Gympie was predicted to receive large amount of rain which could be carried up the Mary River and flood the Fraser Coast, the spokesman said the scenario "certainly couldn't be ruled out".

"Gympie is a known flood town in Queensland and has a well-documented history," the spokesman said.

"Heavy rainfall in the Sunshine Coast hinterland (headwaters of the Mary River) is common in summer and early autumn.

"This scenario certainly couldn't be ruled out."

He added if the current El Niño phase has a "break down" in the next three months, it could bring heavy rainfall.

"El Niño's usually peak around Christmas time," he said.

"With a break down scenario possible in late summer/early autumn which could bring heavy rainfall to the state."