A motorist hit back at a 'passive aggressive' note with a reply that stretched to over two pages. Picture: Imgur
A motorist hit back at a 'passive aggressive' note with a reply that stretched to over two pages. Picture: Imgur

Neighbour replies to rude note with essay

A VERY British bust-up over a parking space has seen warring residents of a London street publicly hit out at each other in lengthy handwritten notes.

They were snapped attached to the windscreen of a vehicle in what's understood to be the well-heeled area of Crouch End.

The opening volley saw one resident slam a car owner for "inconsiderate parking" they described as "atrocious".

But, in a lengthy reply over two sheets of paper, the motorist refutes the charge of selfishness, setting out why his accuser is mistaken.

It goes on to ask "whoever put this note here, and the one before that" to stop, describing its tone as "passive aggressive".

They say the feel like they are being "harassed by an unseen stranger" that has left them feeling like they're in "a primary school feud".


They then leave their address in the hope a "civilised discussion" can take place.

The exchange quickly became a hit thread on reddit under the title "Classic middle class aggression".

Users of the message board joked that it showcased a peculiarly British sensibility.

One wrote: "People describe the British as polite but I only see repressed passive fury."

The notes in full

Note 1: Your selfish inconsiderate parking is atrocious. Why can't you consider [blocked by windscreen wiper] car to allow us to use the space instead of in the middle and waste space.

Note 2: TO WHOEVER PUT THIS NOTE HERE, AND THE ONE BEFORE THAT: Has it ever occurred to you that I might have parked very considerately behind a car in the only space provided, and that subsequently the other cars moved away, leaving my car where it is?From now on, please take note: I always park as considerately as I'm able in the space there is, but I'm unfortunately [blocked by windscreen wiper]. Kindly STOP putting passive aggressive notes on my car. P.S. If you had the courtesy to let me know which house you live in, I could have explained this in person. PPS. I live at number 10 flat 2. If you would like to have a civilised discussion about this instead of making me feel like I'm being harassed by an unseen stranger, please drop by, or at least drop a note in my door letting me know which door I can post a response to, instead of making me feel like I have a primary school feud.

This article originally appeared on The Sun.