’Never seen it that low’: Shortage leaves renters scrambling

POTENTIAL tenants scrambling for rental properties across the Fraser Coast have been told to treat the process like a job interview.

Donna Jenkins, senior property manager from Carter Cooper Realty, said she hadn't seen such a shortage of rental homes in her 30 years of working in real estate in Hervey Bay.

It was tough time for applicants, but Ms Jenkins said putting their best foot forward would make a difference, including having documentation ready.

"It's a bit like a job interview," she said.

"The employer wants the best person for the job and it's a similar process for applicants."

Real estate agent and owner of Maryborough's One Realty Sales and Rentals, Troy Rogers agreed.

He said being prepared, making sure referees were available and trying to be the first to submit applications to new properties could help people secure a home.

Mr Rogers said there were more people looking than available properties right now.

At a recent meeting, it was determined the current vacancy rate at the agency was 0.4 per cent.

"I've never seen it that low," Mr Rogers said.

Ms Jenkins agree.

"We've had in excess of 20 people look through each vacant property and the majority are applying," she said.

"There are definitely a lot more looking than there are properties available."

The upside of the shortage was investors were able to make more in rent and pick from the best applicants, Ms Jenkins said.

"Thanks to the shortage we have been able to achieve higher rents, it's the old supply and demand equation," she said.