Michelle McLeish has been forced to close her Brooweena shop Tide U Ova.
Michelle McLeish has been forced to close her Brooweena shop Tide U Ova. Stephanie Kay

Blow for Brooweena as town’s only store closes

THE tiny township of Brooweena has suffered a fresh loss with the closure of their only general store.

People will now be forced to travel more than 45 minutes to Maryborough or Biggenden for supplies.

Michelle McLeish owned the Tide U Ova convenience store but was forced to shut up shop a week ago.

Everything from the Chronicle, to Burton's fresh milk and bread from the Biggenden bakery was sold there.

"I had stuff people could actually purchase if they ran out and didn't have anything for dinner that night," Michelle said.

"The basic, essential stuff."

In the end, Michelle said the shop was too expensive to keep running.

"I loved it but since the mill has closed it's become really quiet," she said.

After nearly 90 years in operation the Brooweena Sawmill closed in November, sacking 15 workers, many local.

"It's not the whole reason was her little piece of heaven and said the townsfolk were wonderful people.

"I'd really like someone to come and buy the mill, to kick that off again," she said.

Aubrey Schmidt has lived in Brooweena all his life and said the closure of the shop had left a hole in the community.

"I don't think anyone's happy about the shop closing," he said.

"It's not good, I don't like it.

"If you want little things the shop was always there to get things from,

"There was a lot of people who relied on the shop, we'd all like to see it open up again. It held the town together," he said.