Your questions about our new format answered

Got questions about the new Gympie Times format? We're here to help.

The Gympie Times is an online-only publication, meaning there is no longer a print publication.

This doesn't mean we're not here with all the latest and most important news for the region.

Here are some frequently asked questions:


Where is the online flip-book version of the paper I used to read on the site and in my app?

The online version of the Gympie Times was a digital mirror of the print version. Because our print version ceased, our online version of it has also.

We know many of you appreciated seeing the region's best stories of the day curated in print through our Digital Print Edition.

So we're in the process of launching a new version of it, a special Digital Edition highlighting the major stories as they would have appeared in paper.

It's in development and shouldn't be too far away. It could be as soon as a fortnight, but certainly within a month. Watch this space.

However, in terms of bringing you all the latest news, our website at is loaded with all the best and latest content, as it happens and if you're a subscriber it's a simple matter of logging in.

Does this mean I am missing out on news?

No, it certainly doesn't.  Our journalists are regularly uploading news to our website throughout the day. See our guide on how to see the best local stories here:

How do I find local news?

The best and most relevant local news will always be at the top of the homepage - the big image and the three smaller images are where we promote the most important local yarns.

But if you've missed something, or just want to read local news, click NEWS (underlined in red in the image below) in our navigation. That will take you to our local news.
Or you can click here  

Also, locals can pick up the print version of the Courier Mail to receive a special regional edition with our most important stories of the day, as well as a great range of state and national news.

How do I find letters to the Editor?
Again, click NEWS (underlined in red in the image below) in our navigation (top of page, second from left). If you scroll down that page the Letters section should be the second section you reach. Or you can click here.

Can I still access puzzles?

Yes! We know readers love these and don't want anyone to miss out. We are also the only local news outlet offering such a service. Go to to play.


Can I still access obituaries?

You can. All obituaries and funeral notices are located  here 

Can I still access classified ads?

You can. You can search all our classifieds from our navigation, or here  

Can I still access job ads?

You can. You can search all our job ads from our navigation , or here


Who do I contact if I'm a subscriber having trouble logging on to the website?

Sometimes there are technical issues, and sadly we can't help you with these at a local site level, but our subscriber services team are happy to hear from you.

You can phone 1300 361 604 or email

Please note, with many people experiencing forgotten passwords etc as they head back online, there could be a wait on the phone.

If you're not a subscriber, but wish to be, simply head to our website and click on any story, you'll be redirected to a link with subscription options.


What are the best contact details for the Gympie Times now?

Editorial/story tips:

For all other advertising inquiries: Call Display Advertising team on 1300 853 769

For classified advertising inquiries: Call Classified Advertising team on 13 11 13

Subscriptions - 1300 361 604 or

For all other inquiries please phone 02 9288 3000


Thank you

We know this is a big change - for you and us. There are going to be some teething problems as we all adjust to the digital-only model.

But thank you for supporting regional journalism and your local journalists. We appreciate it.