Jack Sickerdick is the new coach of the Brothers Bulldogs
Jack Sickerdick is the new coach of the Brothers Bulldogs Alistair Brightman

New Dog to use old tricks to lead team to success

AUSSIE RULES: Sometimes in life, and in sport, everything has a silver lining.

For Brothers Bulldog Jack Sickerdick that has certainly been the case. Sickerdick was able to turn a serious injury into a mission to improve himself as a better footballer.

The Bulldogs defender was forced off the ground for the first couple of months in the season after suffering a head injury in the opening round of the AFL Wide Bay season against Bay Power.

The time off allowed him to gain a better understanding of the game from off the ground, rather than on it, as he watched the Dogs week in, week out.

Now he will need to use what he learned to full effect after being named coach for next year.

"I'm honoured to get the role," he told the NewsMail.

"It's great the club have faith in me for the job."

Sickerdick takes over the role from his brother Luke Sicker who coached for one year.

"The plan was to always have Luke coach this year and I take over the following year," he said.

"At the moment I'm certain he is playing with us so I hope he does. "It will be good to see him remain at the club."

Sickerdick has served an apprenticeship as well, being assistant coach for the past two years under Sicker last year and Jason Baulch the year before.

"I've mentored off them.

"Both have done a fantastic job for the club and we are in great shape.

"Numbers at the club have been good for a number of years.

"Hopefully I can keep it up."

With the support from his teammates, that looks to be in no doubt.

Sickerdick's return last season was one of the reasons the side made the finals.

His talents put him among the best in the competition, and that is said from those who play against and with him every week.

But Sickerdick admits that won't translate to results.

He said he was prepared to work hard to gain the respect of the club in the role.

"I'm just another player, aiming to have fun with the boys," he said.

"But we're all competitive that is for sure.

"For me the overriding thing is having confidence in yourself.

"Doing the right things, making the right decisions and backing beliefs.

"It's about moving forward."

Sickerdick said that was one of the goals for next year, playing with a style that allowed them to attack while keeping with their trademark defence.

"Watching my dad play I just want us to be going back to where we were, strong and bold," he said.

"We know our strength is defence, so the next step is providing better flowing movement to the forward 50."

Sickerdick said the side would start light session in November before starting full training next year.