THE WIGGLES: Josh Collinson, Maggie Bell, Georgia Parkinson and Gideon Malherbe from Brisbane.
THE WIGGLES: Josh Collinson, Maggie Bell, Georgia Parkinson and Gideon Malherbe from Brisbane. Alistair Brightman

GALLERY: New event Echoes strikes a chord

NUMBERS may not have matched the heights of its predecessor but Maryborough's newest party has proved to be a resounding success.

Picking up with PubFest left off, Echoes focused on live music and bringing a wider range of venues into the fold.

Organiser Brendan Heit said the event was exactly what he was aiming for.


"It's awesome, we have had a great reaction and the crowds loved the bands," he said.

"We have at least a few thousand people attending and it's getting busier as the night wears on. We've had a great reaction from the public with the inclusion of local businesses, gives people an option to do something different and exposes more of what Maryborough has to offer."

Hervey Bay resident and eight-year pub crawl veteran Gemma McCormack said she was impressed local businesses had embraced the event.

"We stopped off at the Pink Flamingo and got some cake to support them," she said.

"We are fans of live music and it is pumping at the Federal Hotel and there are lots of people hanging out on the hay bales."

Ms McCormack loved the inclusion of family-friendly sites but hoped in the coming years there would be a return of the "competition feeling" that helped make PubFest famous. "Even if it's not for the world record, the feeling of the crawl cards and getting them stamped and possibly winning a prize would be a good aspect which they have done in previous years," she said.

"Good on Maryborough for keeping a tradition alive for young people and people of all ages now.

"Hopefully there will be more pub crawls to come as it is a tradition for locals and also people from out of town bringing business to Maryborough and the region."

Brisbane's Georgie Parkinson, who dressed as one of the iconic Wiggles, has come down for the event for the past four years.

"I love the atmosphere here, it's so fun and you just don't get that small town vibe and friendliness in Brisbane," she said.

"I actually really like the live music so much better.

"If there was one thing I would love to bring back it would be the stamping of cards because a few pubs didn't do it and I think it's really fun."