Mary River croc adjusting to new home in Rockhampton

A CROC captured in the Mary River at Mungar has arrived at its new home at a crocodile farm in Rockhampton.

The 3.8m crocodile has been released into its own enclosure at Koorana Saltwater Crocodile Farm.

Adam Lever, the marketing and production manager at the crocodile farm, said the reptile was a male and it would be left in its enclosure, which featured a "nice big water hole" to adjust to its new surroundings.

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The crocodile was first sighted in the Mary River in 2012 and the sighting of a second crocodile soon followed.

The other crocodile, measuring 3.1m in length, was caught in November last year.

It was also taken to Koorana, where it has spent the past year adjusting to its new living conditions.

Mr Lever said in the next 12 months it was likely a female crocodile would be introduced into the smaller male crocodile's enclosure and it would become one half of a breeding pair.

The larger Mary River crocodile would also be used for breeding after its period of adjustment was over.

Mr Lever said that while the two crocodiles had shared a habitat in the Mary River, it would never be possible for the two to be reunited in an enclosure.

He said with both crocodiles being male, it is likely the reptiles would fight to the death if sharing the same space.

Mr Lever said the second crocodile was a "very welcome addition" to the farm as it would increase the breeding options available.

The Koorana farm makes crocodile leather products, but grown breeders are never used to make the items, meaning the Mary River crocodiles are safe.

The offspring of breeders can be used for products.