Samantha Packer is running as a Maryborough candidate for the Informed Medical Options Party.
Samantha Packer is running as a Maryborough candidate for the Informed Medical Options Party.

New candidate for ‘freedom’, against ‘coerced vaccination’

MARYBOROUGH has a new candidate for the upcoming state election.

Samantha Packer is running for the "Informed Medical Options Party".

The party is against "forced medication, compulsory or coerced vaccination and fluoride in the water", according its website.

A biography on the party's website gives some insight into the views of the new candidate and IMOP.

Ms Packer is said to have fallen in love with Maryborough "the minute she stepped foot in this beautiful city two years ago".

Her online biography points to advocacy for farmers and small businesses and "less red tape" and the "freedom we used to celebrate in Australia" including medical choice.

"After becoming a mother over four years ago, she witnessed first-hand the attack on natural medicine and freedom of choice," the blurb reads

"She sat and listened to many, many stories of trauma from other mothers who experienced the same.

"She has a strong and passionate belief that every Australian deserves the right to choose natural and alternative therapies and the right to informed consent to all medication and medical procedures.

"She strongly and proudly advocates for every person's right to choose the best healthcare for themselves and their family, without being coerced, bullied, manipulated or financially penalised.

"Samantha will be a strong and driven voice for the community, demanding government transparency and the end to the manipulation, bullying and tyrannical control.

"Australian's are sick and tired of not being heard, represented or supported in their communities.

"It is time for that to change - it is time to bring back the freedom Australia once enjoyed."

Ms Packer is up against Labor incumbent Bruce Saunders and One Nation's Sharon Lohse.

Craig Armstrong has been declared as the Greens hopeful for the Heritage City seat.

An LNP candidate has not yet been announced.

The election will be held on October 31.