FEELING THE BEAT: Latin America Dance puts on a show in Adelaide St for the street party in Maryborough CBD.
FEELING THE BEAT: Latin America Dance puts on a show in Adelaide St for the street party in Maryborough CBD. Alistair Brightman

New move for CBD street party

MARYBOROUGH'S street life was taking on a new evolution with more innovative and exciting ideas for the popular street parties.

Next month's technology themed party, to run in conjunction with the Technology Challenge will be held around the City Hall.

"We were pretty chuffed with the last one where more than 1000 people attended," Maryborough City Progress Association president Kylie Nitz said.

"We could say we are piggy backing on the event - it is there to compliment each other.

"Because it is on Tech Challenge weekend we considered what inconveniences could come about to the community so we are not having massive road closures like we have had in previous parties.

"We will only have the small part of Kent St out front of the Town Hall and then have it all up around the hall and inside."

Kylie also said that they have got an entertainer who was sure to rock the socks off Maryborough.

Soul City will play from 5-10pm on the Town Hall Green, there will be a bar inside the hall, and the kitchen will be operational.

She said the same food vendors were excited to be part of the upcoming event and she wanted to encourage businesses to open their doors.

"Because we are not closing off part of Adelaide and Kent Sts we really want businesses to understand that we encourage them to open.

"There is potentially 5000 people additional in the CBD on that Saturday night - so dress your shop front up, put some flashy lights out and we could mention you over the PA.

"We will help out those businesses in that way or they could pick up a bain marie and come on over to the hall and join the party."


Poppin's Street Party in Maryborough CBD - Great Scott from the Sunshine Coast performing as Ze Tall Man.
Great Scott from the Sunshine Coast performing as Ze Tall Man. Alistair Brightman

Kylie said the street party's leadership teams, the Maryborough City Progress Association and the Maryborough Chamber of Commerce were working together to ensure the event benefited the whole community.

They have taken away the concept that the street party must be in this one particular area.

"Other businesses within the CBD will have the opportunity to have the street party at their shop.

"If we get a whole heap of businesses saying we will open for that night and tell us they want to be involved - we are not set in concrete and why not take it to them.

Fraser Coast Regional Councillor Daniel Sanderson said the street party was also about getting the community active - encouraging that change of culture.

"Whether is something on the footpath, a burger bar - think differently - that is the intention we have always tried to have.

"A proactive community is a proactive city."

Cr Sanderson said it was fantastic to see these groups embracing the event.

"It is great to have all those organisations having the one vision.

"It has changed its direction but still in a way with very passionate people who want support our city."

Kylie said they have had other stallholders approach them.

"We got a lot of fabulous feedback and thanks for listening to the feedback into the lead up to the last street party.

"The community voice is coming out from the street parties."


Anybody who is interested is holding a stall at the event or to become involved email Kylie Nitz at maryboroughstreetparty @outlook.com.