Scamp with Sgt Grigoris.
Scamp with Sgt Grigoris. Contributed

New pooch on patrol

THERE is a new four-legged member of the Maryborough police force.

Two-year-old Scamp was sworn into the Queensland Police Service as an official police dog in November but he's not like a usual PD.


Scamp is trained to detect dangerous drugs unlike other general purpose dogs who are trained to track down the scent of a possible offender.


He's also one of the first drug dogs deployed to a rural location such as the Fraser Coast.

After starting training in February, Scamp became fully operational in August and is the third addition to the existing two general purpose dogs for the Maryborough Police Patrol Group Dog Squad Unit.

As cute as Scamp may be, it's important not to approach a police dog with speaking with their handler first.