BULLSEYE: Cerebral Palsy League client Brandon during a practice session.
BULLSEYE: Cerebral Palsy League client Brandon during a practice session. Contributed

New program producing star archers

CONGRATULATIONS to Tracy and Liam Bauer and Kaitlin Edmondstone who came home with gold medals from the South Queensland Archery Society state field championships that were held in Brisbane.

Kaitlin was awarded another seven state records this month.

She is cleaning up everything lately.

On a not-so-bright note, our club house was broken into and we had some items stolen.

The police were notified and they have been out to take fingerprints and photos.

We're not happy about being broken into, also, the perpetrators came back a few days later and damaged three of our target butts.

Our club is a small club and the members over the years have worked very hard to get what we have.

It's very disappointing to have someone with no regard or respect for our club or members to do such a thing.


For the people who live in the area of our club, please be aware there is someone who likes your things more than you.

If any of the neighbouring people close to our club sees or hears anything untoward at our grounds, please call the police.

The Cerebral Palsy League program is very popular, with clients and careers having a lot of fun.

It's great to see these clients getting better each week.

We will be competing against Rockhampton next year, so our CPL archers are getting plenty of practice so they can win the cup.

The last beginner's course for the year is in October, the course is already booked out.

Courses will start again early 2019.