Begin 2019 with a fresh focus by getting rid of clutter in your home.
Begin 2019 with a fresh focus by getting rid of clutter in your home. Dean Mitchell

New year a good time to de-clutter

Possibly the most useful new year's resolution regarding our homes starts with being grateful. Watch the news any evening for 10 minutes and you're sure to see how lucky you are compared to most people on the planet. You and I have a home - starting with a structure that is standing.

Another thing to take note of also comes under the heading of a first world problem. The chances are, within that home of yours, you have too much stuff. It's by no coincidence I write about de-cluttering more than almost any other topic.

I suggest that if you look around your home and make a mental note of the things that you really love and use, there will be a lot more things that don't actually qualify as useful or loved.

If there was ever a time to pass on the unloved and unused items, the new year is the perfect time. The easiest way to begin this task is by walking through your home with a notepad one room at a time. Once you're finished, look over your list as objectively as you can.

If you're in need of cash, then sell unwanted and unnecessary items online. Or even better, band together with some like-minded friends, swap or sell your unwanted items and whatever is left over, donate.

The last and final step is the most rewarding. Once you have cleared some room at home and given that space a thorough cleaning, if there is anything you would love or need for the home, then hit the shops, or get it online.