Newly formed Cyclone Oma no concern to Queensland, says forecasters
Newly formed Cyclone Oma no concern to Queensland, says forecasters

Cyclone Oma moves away from Queensland

THE tropical low formerly lingering off the coast of Cairns in the Coral Sea last week has formed into a cyclone.

Fortunately, the newly dubbed Cyclone Oma is expected to be of little concern to Queensland, having now moved out toward the South Pacific Islands.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Lachlan Stoney said it was expected to stay in its current position, northwest of Vanuatu.

"It formed into a category one cyclone very far from Queensland and should stay in that area," he said.

"We don't know what will happen in the long term, whether it will join with other lows further east, but at this stage it's not much concern to Cairns."

In the forecast ahead for the week, the Far North is expected to swelter through a heatwave until the weekend.

The highest temperatures recorded today have been 36.5 at Cairns Racecourse at 12.57pm, 37.1 at Innisfail Aero at 12.59pm and 35 at Port Douglas at 1pm.

Mr Stoney said a south-easterly changing would bring some relief on Friday.

"A cold air change coming from the southeast is expected to take the edge off, bringing max temperatures down to the low 30s, which are more typical for this time of year," he said.

"When the winds swing around, expect an uptick in shower activity associated with the change.

"Isolated showers pushing on from the coast, reaching a peak on Sunday."