Carlin caused consternation after jumping from Toowoomba Supreme Court dock in June.
Carlin caused consternation after jumping from Toowoomba Supreme Court dock in June.

'Nice chains' for man who jumped out of dock

MYSTERY surrounds the drug business a man was involved with before he tried escaping from court.

Thomas James Carlin, 26, leapt from Toowoomba Supreme Court dock in June before police tackled him.

His sentencing on drug and firearm possession charges was adjourned to Brisbane Supreme Court, where tight security was established on Thursday to prevent a repeat display.

Justice Peter Applegarth said Carlin was arrested last September after a cleaner was told to clean room 23 at Toowoomba's Shamrock Hotel Motel.

The cleaner saw a black bag, unzipped it to see inside, then took it to the day manager's office.

A gun was inside the bag. Police were called.

The bag also had ecstasy tablets, 63g of steroids and 845g of marijuana.

Also inside was $32,050 bundled up, digital scales and throwing knives.

"It was by chance" the bag was discovered in Room 23, where nobody was sleeping and which had been used simply for storage.

Carlin was implicated when a computer with photos of him was inside the bag, as were his black Nike pants.

The .22 calibre firearm, which someone stole from a lawful owner, was the "most troubling" of the bag's contents, Justice Applegarth said.

The judge said Carlin was in cahoots with a motel night manager, who has since been sentenced.

The night manager booked four rooms under a woman's name. Carlin's associates used these rooms.

Carlin has implicated nobody else so it was impossible to know his role in the drug business.

Frequently animated on Thursday, Carlin glanced back to smile and gesticulate at a woman in the public gallery.

He nodded when Justice Peter Applegarth advised him to get his life on track.

Carlin seemed happy when the court heard he had found a new partner, after a seven-year relationship broke down.

But there had been trauma and tragedy in Carlin's life, defence barrister Andrew Hoare said.

He grew up in Sydney "in a neighbourhood marked by violence" and his parents had a traumatic break-up.

Carlin hung out with "delinquents", dropped out of school, and in 2009, stabbed another 18-year-old 10 times in the back after a drunken altercation.

Later, his beloved stepfather died in front of him in a motorbike accident.

Carlin spent years getting high instead of getting help, the court heard.

For possessing more than 2g of ecstasy, Carlin was jailed for three and a half years.

For possessing other drugs, steroids, marijuana and the gun, he received shorter terms, to be served concurrently.

He nodded when the judge read out the sentence.

Wearing a dark shirt and blue jeans, Carlin was led off in handcuffs and with his ankles chained.

"Love you," he told a female supporter.

"Nice chains," she joked, before telling Mr Hoare: "Good score, mate."

Carlin will be eligible for parole on February 10, 2019.