Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj can't wait to have children

Nicki Minaj can't wait to have children. 

Although the 33-year-old rapper is not yet engaged to her boyfriend Meek Mill, she insisted it is only a matter of time before he proposes and they start a family. 

Referring to the two diamond rings he has already bought her, Nicki told Nylon magazine: "I'm not engaged yet. He said that my third ring would be my engagement ring. But sometimes he calls me his fiancée, and I'm always trying to stop him, like, 'Nope! I ain't got that third ring yet!'

"We're just taking it one step at a time. And, you know, if that happens, if I get married, then I'll have a child, and that'll be fun, because I can't wait to hold my baby." 

Nicki also revealed that her bossy nature is one of the things Meek, 28, loves most about her.

She explained: "When he and I were just friends, he would always say, 'You remind me of my mother, and I like that because you're like a dude. You're tough like a guy and you talk like a dude.'

"So I always got the sense that me being tough and bossy was a turn-on for him. And it's important for me to keep my voice. Being in a relationship shouldn't mean that you lose your voice.

"Being in a relationship should mean that you've met a secure-enough man to allow you, in a sense, to remain a queen."