ZERO TOLERANCE: Up to 100 people where involved in the brawl at Salter Oval.
ZERO TOLERANCE: Up to 100 people where involved in the brawl at Salter Oval. Mike Knott BUN280816BRAWL1

Nine players suspended over junior league brawl

THE Queensland Rugby League has come down hard on Wests and Burrum after Sunday's brawl in the under-15 preliminary final.

The QRL has handed down 12 charges after a completing its investigation.

Six players from Burrum and three from Wests have been suspended for between six and 12 matches in all competitions

Two of the Burrum players have also been directly sent to a judiciary for further penalties.

The QRL has also forced every player suspended to complete an anti-social education program before being able to play in next season's competition.

The association has handed a notice to each club and coach telling them that they would be kicked out of the competition if there is a repeat.

Bundaberg Junior Rugby League chairman Wayne Bender said there was a zero tolerance policy and those in the wrong had now been punished.

"While some processes and decisions are yet to be finalised the Bundaberg Junior Rugby League focus has now shifted to the weekend grand finals and ensuring this is a positive experience for all those that attend," he said.

One of those is spectators, with the investigation finding they were involved.

The QRL will now try to identify those people involved.

Anyone identified will be sent straight to a disciplinary tribunal.

Wests will be allowed to play in the grand final this week against Brothers, with the three suspended Panthers players ineligible to play.