Stephen Dale Renwick is applying for  parole.
Stephen Dale Renwick is applying for parole.

Victim’s body ‘will never be found’

LAWYERS for a man accused of disposing of a murder victim's body have told court the body will never be found, as the state's first public parole board hearing following the introduction of new No Body, No Parole laws gets under way.

Stephen Dale Renwick, who disposed of murdered Mackay man Timothy Pullen's body in 2012, has applied for parole but under the legislation, offenders must convince the Parole Board in court they have done all they can to take police to the remains of their victim.

Renwick's lawyer told the Parole Board that Timothy Pullen's body will never be found because it was burnt to "microscopic levels".

Despite lying to police about his involvement in disposing of Mr Pullen's body in 2012, Renwick now wants his freedom, saying he has done all he possibly can to help police and Mr Pullen's family.

"The tragic fact is that is the body has been reduced to such a state of microscopic levels that it can't be seen by the naked eye," the lawyer said.

Police have twice been led to a road near Collinsville, west of Mackay, by Renwick, who says that's where Pullen's body was burnt in 2012.

On both occasions nothing was found.

Stephen Dale Renwick is applying for  parole.
Stephen Dale Renwick is applying for parole.

The Parole Board will consider Renwick's application, knowing that if he walks free it will likely be the Pullen family's only hope of closure.

Five other people responsible for Mr Pullen's disappearance have been released.

The hearing heard that Mr Pullen was wrapped in a plastic material and covered in diesel before being burnt for approximately an hour and a half.

Renwick face police a vague recollection of where Mr Pullen was burnt, saying it was about 30 to 50m from the road, near a farmhouse and a gully.

He said it happened before dawn on a day in April 2012 - the same month Mr Pullen disappeared.

Outside the Brisbane Magistrates Court this morning, Timothy's parents Gary and Leanne Pullen said they didn't expect the Parole Board to reach a conclusion today.