OPINION: No clean escape for councillors

OPINION: All eyes really are on the council at the moment.

If you want proof, look at how quickly a member of the public pounced on Mayor Gerard O'Connell and Councillor Robert Garland when they were spotted leaving a bag of rubbish behind after a photo shoot promoting Clean Up Australia Day.

The irony was just too much to resist - it quickly did the rounds on social media, and many of the comments were not printable.

While arrangements appear to have been made for removing the rubbish after the media call (which was arranged by the council), it just goes to show how much scrutiny is on the actions of our elected officials - and how quickly people can add up two and two to conclude "five".

We expect better of these people than from "ordinary Joes", and they will be criticised for the smallest thing.

If people are going to criticise the council, there are many more serious issues to pick on. This blooper was simply that - a bit of a clunker, and something people should laugh about.

Given the amount of rubbish in Hervey Bay, I'd even consider it a positive bit of publicity for the Clean Up Australia Day event.

But the reaction to this photo says a million words about public sentiment towards our leaders.

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