OUR SAY: No cuts but no real wins for us either

THE Federal Budget will have some benefits for the Fraser Coast - but it won't be the grand gesture we may have wished for.

Our politicians seem more concerned with being perceived as fiscally restrained, rather than actually addressing our problems in any meaningful way.

The most pressing issue on the Fraser Coast is jobs, and there has been a nod to that with $752 million pledged for jobseeker training and wage subsidies.

But that money is a drop in the ocean when you consider our shocking jobless rate.

As Maryborough jobseeker Chelsea Smith rightly points out, the real problem is not lack of training for the unemployed, but that no jobs are being created here.

That is one area where infrastructure spending would help.

But there were no surprises in the budget for us there either, just the previously announced Tinana interchange upgrade and replacement of Gootchie bridge at Gundiah.

Plus there is money for the Duncan Chapman memorial and Brolga Theatre extensions, under the National Stronger Regions Fund ... not to be ungrateful, but is that really it?

So while the Federal Government can't be accused of being frivolous with money, it has not actually addressed either Australia's deficit, or significantly helped its battlers.

In this case, slow and steady might make us losers instead.