No election re-run: ECQ

THE Electoral Commission Queensland has quashed ideas for another council election.

The ECQ said there was no basis to call another poll, after a candidate claimed yesterday that the results tallied so far were tainted.

Peter Schuback, candidate for Division 8, claimed that because some polling booths ran out of ballot papers throughout last Saturday's election, the results were tainted and a new election must be called.

An ECQ spokesman said that the Returning Officer in any election always has a supply of extra ballot papers to take to polling booths if they run low.

On Saturday, the replacement ballot papers were delivered to the booths in question within half an hour at the longest, and in one case it is believed the papers were there within 10 minutes.

"The ECQ certainly does not have any basis for concluding that there has been any irregularity in the election," the spokesman said.

It was advised that the problems with ballot paper numbers on Saturday came about through the high number of residents voting outside of their divisions.