Dr Mark McGovern at Buderim Private Hospital.
Dr Mark McGovern at Buderim Private Hospital. Patrick Woods

'No evidence' of breast implant illness, surgeon says

WHILE thousands of women have reported suffering from side effects of breast implants, a prominent Sunshine Coast plastic surgeon says there's no evidence of implants being the cause.

Dr Mark McGovern, from Vie Institute on the Sunshine Coast, said there was "a lot of paranoid ideation going on on the internet about almost everything", and that years of medical research should be trusted over rumours.

He said symptoms like chronic fatigue, muscle aches and digestive issues were common, especially with women, at any age.

"There's no scientific evidence that any of those non-specific symptoms are linked to breast implants," he said.

Not to say women complaining of illness were "wrong", Dr McGovern said numerous studies had proved there was no such thing as breast implant illness.

He said the very worst thing that could happen with a breast implant was a rupture, but even then, there was no major risk of the substance harming the body.

"Silicon is one of the most inner substances known to man," he said.

"It's what sand is made of, it's on the outside of every needle you've ever had in your life.

"It's very widely used in medical implants of all sorts."