No flagging interest in bunting

IT seems like bunting is everywhere and while there are many ways to make your own, I think this is the quickest and easiest.

It took me five minutes to make the bunting shown here, with seven flags, obviously you can make it as long or short as little as you like.

I used single-sided paper as I will hang my bunting against a wall, but you can use double-sided paper if you need to see both sides or glue two single-sided pieces of paper together.


1. Lincraft and Spotlight stock heaps of beautiful paper, single-sided and double-sided.

You can buy single sheets for about $1.50 each, or a book of 100 sheets for about $15.

Spotlight stocks these books in two sizes, small and large. I used the small size as I wanted smaller flags and it was easier to cut the desired shape.


2. Cut triangles out of the paper. It's easier if you trace the lines on to the back of the paper, to make sure you get straight lines and all the same size, but you can freestyle if you like.


3. Punch two holes at the top of each triangle, about 2cm from the edge and about 1cm from the top.


4. Lay the paper flags in the order you want them in and thread the twine through holes, until you have all of the flags strung in a row.

Depending on what twine/string you use, you may need to fasten them in place with a little glue, but because I used a coarse twine, the flags stayed in place.

You can also have a play around with the spacing and either have them touching or with a little space in between.