Taser generic. PHOTO: Supplied
Taser generic. PHOTO: Supplied

No jail time for mum after skate park taser attack

A HERVEY BAY mum who tried to attack a boy with a taser at a skate park has avoided jail time.

Samantha Young Smith on Wednesday pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay District Court to charges of unlawfully entering a vehicle with intent to commit an indictable offence while armed and wilful damage.

The court heard Smith, 30, approached a car parked at the skate park in Pialba on June 2 last year.

Crown prosecutor Melissa Wilson said Smith tried to reach into the vehicle and attack a boy who was inside.

The owner of the car worked as a youth support facilitator and was involved in child safety programs.

The court heard the car owner took the boy to the skate park so he could catch up with friends.

While waiting for the boy’s friends to arrive, two people approached the car and the boy wound down the passenger window to say hello.

At this point the youth worker saw Smith, who she did not know, getting closer to the vehicle.

The court heard Smith then jumped onto the side of the car and tried to attack the boy.

“The complainant said she heard Smith yelling at the juvenile that it was payback for trying to rip off her father,” Ms Wilson said.

There was no evidence to suggest the taser made contact with the boy.

The court heard he then tried to close the window but Smith hung on, hitting the door and roof, causing damage to the car.

The youth worker started to drive away but Smith clung onto the vehicle and fell off when the car was driven over speed bumps.

Ms Wilson handed up a criminal history but told Judge Glen Cash none of Smith’s previous offences involved violence.

Defence barrister Crystal Lovel said Smith had a difficult upbringing.

“Both her parents were alcoholics and she left home when she was 13,” Ms Lovel said.

Judge Cash heard Smith had previously struggled with marijuana and methamphetamine.

Photos of injuries to Smith’s head sustained during the incident were handed up.

Ms Lovel argued the offences should be considered low level and told the court Smith had not been in trouble since the attack.

The mother-of-four also helps care for her partner’s child.

“The children are her motivation to improve her life,” Ms Lovel said.

Judge Cash said Smith’s story was consistent with a person who had a difficult upbringing.

He sentenced Smith to 18 months imprisonment but released her on immediate parole.