No need for panic buying as cyclone approaches

WITH Cyclone Oma tracking off the coast of Queensland, Fraser Coast Councillor Rolf Light has urged shoppers to leave the milk and bread on the shelves.

Cr Light, who is part of the Fraser Coast's disaster management group, said there was no need for people to panic.

"It would be disappointing if we saw panic buying," he said.

"There's no logical reason to panic buy.

"Local retailers are well organised and well supplied.

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"We don't even know if there will be any impact on the region yet."

Cr Light said the disaster management crew were working hard behind the scenes to prepare just in case the region was impacted by the cyclone.

"There's no need to react in that way at this point in time."

Clayton Allen, manager of the IGA supermarket near Hervey Bay airport, said he had seen no signs of panic buying yet.

"Not that I've noticed," he said.

Mr Allen said there were plenty of groceries available, including milk and bread, for people who needed it.

"Nothing is running out," he said.