Teddington cane farmer Allen Birt under his irrigation lines.
Teddington cane farmer Allen Birt under his irrigation lines. Alistair Brightman

Praying for rain in September, now they need blue skies

IN SEPTEMBER, Allen Birt was praying for rain.

In October, he was praying for the rain to stop.

Now in December, he and other farmers on the Coast are, once again, hoping for clear skies.

So far this month, Hervey Bay has received 132.8mm or rain while Maryborough has received a total of 102.2mm.

"Everything is a bit water logged," Teddington cane farmer Mr Birt said.

"We've delayed finishing off the fertilising and planting for another week."


This year's crushing season has now finished but rainfall caused many delays.

"There's some cane which was unharvested but prior to the rain it was too wet and now that it's raining again we simply couldn't harvest it," he said.

"It's just something we have to go along with."

However, irrigation was fast forwarded in October.

Farmers did not normally irrigate their farms during October and doing so meant an increase in the cost of growing cane.

Mr Birt said although the next crushing season was off to a good start, a change in weather was needed.

"What we do need is some sunshine and some hot weather to get the cane growing," he said.