Petition calls for border to close as southern cases explode


QUEENSLAND has had no new cases of coronavirus overnight, but Treasurer Cameron Dick says the Government was closely monitoring the interstate situation and warned against complacency.

"Complacency is the enemy - vigilance is the thing we all need in Queensland to make sure we stay on top of the virus," Mr Dick, speaking at a press conference at Yarrabilba in Logan City this morning to announce a new infrastructure building fund, said.

"We have to monitor this day to day, week to week. That's the reality," he said, when questioned about a potentially reinstating border restrictions.

"The virus is so unpredictable. It's only reason for existence is to find another host to infect another person. We just need to monitor it so carefully to ensure when we need to take action we will."

Victoria on Sunday recorded 459 new cases of coronavirus and 10 deaths, including a man aged in his 40s, while NSW recorded 14 cases.

It comes as a petition to close the Queensland borders continues to gain traction online after COVID-19 hot spots were declared across New South Wales.

The petition to close Queensland borders to New South Wales has been signed more than 5000 times after it was created by Covid-free Queensland two weeks ago.

"Queenslanders we have done an amazing job at containing and almost eliminating COVID from our state," the description read.

"Opening the borders to NSW prematurely will see all of that hard work unravel".

With an aim of 10,000 signatures, the organisers have contacted the Premier's office after reaching half way.

Jeff Dutton, who left a comment when signing the petition, said the border debate was complex.

"An extremely difficult decision with lots of political pressure to open to boot but opening the border at this juncture with climbing COVID numbers in Victoria and NSW leaves QLD exposed to a fresh outbreak," he wrote.

Reasons including keeping families safe and eliminating COVID-19 altogether were shared on the post.

"Close the borders now so that we can protect fellow Queensland residents," wrote Sharon Hill.

"We don't want further restrictions and want to be able to continue visiting beautiful places in our own state".

Queensland has just five active cases, with no new positive results overnight.

It conducted 4600 tests on Saturday.

The State Government has been focused on ensuring no community transmission of the diseases as has occurred interstate, where tough restrictions range from compulsory wearing of masks to home confinement.

Queensland reopened its borders to New South Wales on July 10, but Victorians remain banned.

As revealed by The Courier-Mail today, Mr Dick this morning announced $200 million funding for a Building Acceleration Fund in a bid to fast-track the economic recovery from the coronavirus.

It would provide interest-free loans for construction projects, to be repaid over 15 years. Applicants would have to co-invest 10-50 per cent of the total infrastructure cost, depending on the scale of the project.

Originally published as 'No time for complacency' as no news cases recorded