'No' to release request

DUDLEY Waterton's extensive criminal history kept him in custody for an alleged stealing offence from the Kondari Hotel on Friday.

Mr Waterton, 30, failed in his bid to get out on bail while waiting for the case to be dealt with, after allegedly committing the offence only a week after receiving bail for other unrelated offences.

"There comes a time when the community must be protected," said Magistrate Graeme Tatnell, after he weighed up whether or not to allow Mr Waterton out of custody.

Mr Tatnell said Mr Waterton's "atrocious" history meant he had no choice but to refuse bail "based on the likelihood you will commit further offences".

Mr Waterton's solicitor Justin Geldard said his client denied having anything to do with the alleged stealing offence, which took place in Urangan on May 15.

Mr Geldard agreed his client had a poor history, but argued there was little within that history to suggest Mr Waterton would re-offend while on bail, particularly as his client's last serious offence was back in 2009.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kath Stagoll said the evidence against Mr Waterton was strong, and included CCTV footage from the alleged crime scene.

The court heard Mr Waterton received watch house bail from the Hervey Bay police station for other unrelated offences on May 7, only days before the alleged stealing offence.

After refusing bail, Mr Tatnell adjourned the case until July 16.

Mr Waterton waved goodbye to his partner and young child in the public gallery as he was led away from the courtroom.