No wrist slaps here: New M'boro Magistrate means business

THREE months into his new role as Maryborough's residing magistrate, Terry Duroux has formed an opinion of the Heritage City's crime scene.  

His observations so far include that the town has an above average amount of theft, a questionable drug community and lazy defendants.   

These points were brought up by Mr Duroux as he was faced with a stream of defendants in Maryborough Magistrates Court this week.  

The stern magistrate nearly brought one man to tears on Tuesday, slamming him for taking six months to get his paperwork together.  

When the defendant, who is facing drug charges, tried to give a reason for the delay, he was promptly told to "zip it".  

"It's been dragging on and on," Mr Duroux said.  

"Justice delayed is justice denied."  

Another defendant was condemned for failing to tell their lawyer about a new charge.  

Then, a thieving mum was blamed by Mr Duroux for the suffering of local businesses.  

"These shops have to employ security initiatives to catch people doing the wrong thing, that costs money," Mr Duroux said.  

"They jack their prices up to have to pay for that.  

"The good people who do the right thing have to suffer, because of people such as you."  

It was when yet another woman stepped up to be sentenced for theft that Mr Duroux declared Maryborough a hotspot for sticky fingered residents.    

"I've only been in Maryborough for three months and theft here is very, very prevalent," he said.  

Even a well-dressed defendant, who stood out at the courthouse among a sea of offenders wearing singlets and shirts featuring strange slogans, felt the magistrate's wrath.   

The 24-year-old, who is accusing of drink driving and driving while disqualified, was in trouble for not getting his legal representation organised.  

"You're in a world of hurt," Mr Duroux told him.

"If the (lawyer fee) is not paid, I will revoke bail."