Maryborough State High School Principal Simon Done. Photo: Stuart Fast
Maryborough State High School Principal Simon Done. Photo: Stuart Fast

’Not going anywhere’: Why super principal's here to stay

MARYBOROUGH State High School has been recognised in three categories at the Australian Education Awards.

School Principal Simon Done said the categories were Government Secondary School of the Year, Regional School of the Year and Best Co-Curricular Program.

While the school didn't place first, it was named as one of the top four schools for each category.

"It is a reaffirmation of the hardwork that I know every single teacher, support staff member and community member put into this place everyday," Mr Done said.

"We have academically brilliant kids, we have kids with additional needs, we have kids looking for trades, kids looking for sporting success. No matter what it is, we are in a position where we meet the kids where they are and make them better."

For Mr Done, the string of nominations and awards for the school has been the result of a gradual effort to provide better education in the Heritage City.

"Overnight success is not really over night, it takes a few years of ground work to make sure you've got your basics right, making sure you put your money where your mouth is."

Since 2015, the school has under gone a comprehensive improvement agenda "to value, develop and empower every kid."

"It's not one thing, it's everything … students are very proud when they walk out of this school," he said.

Mr Done was confident the future would bring more improvements to Maryborough State High School including new facilities for students.

"I've made a commitment to the people of Maryborough that I'm not going anywhere … I'm going to be continuing to be able to develop the school and move it forward," Mr Done said.