Our Say: Not if profit undervalues community

THE Fraser Coast Regional Council is often described as "our biggest business", and it's true that it's important to have finance- and business-savvy people elected.

But the analogy falls over when you consider the key difference in the roles of public and private sectors. That is, primarily, profit.

Asking the council to be run like a business suggests it should be making a profit.

The problem with that is there are many things that are vital to our community that are simply not profitable, and under a "strictly business" council, would not exist.

I'm talking about parks, many popular local events, community halls roads, and libraries, just for a few examples.

These have inherent value to our society that cannot be judged on dollar cost or profitability alone.

A perfect government would break even exactly, year after year.

And a perfect council would have a balance of people with business sense, and those who will fight for the things that might not be financially viable on their own, but make the Fraser Coast such a beautiful and vibrant place to live.