An eight-year-old girl was exposed to porn by a serial offender.
An eight-year-old girl was exposed to porn by a serial offender. File

Notorious sex-pest escalates his offending against children

A SERIAL Coast sex-pest notorious for exposing himself to children has faced court after showing an eight-year-old girl pornography.

Clifford John Candy, 36, pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court to nine offences including making and distributing child exploitation material, indecent treatment of a child and using a carriage service to menace or harass.

He could be released as early as March next year.

The court heard Candy had a history of sex offences dating back to 2002 with six court appearances since then related to exposing his penis to children.

In 2016, he faced court for exposing himself to a five-year-old girl in a store and a six-year-old girl who he followed into a carpark.

Later that year, he failed to report he'd had contact with two 16-year-old girls at TAFE who he'd given a clay penis he made.

Crown prosecutor Aleksandra Nikolic told the court Candy's offending had "escalated" to him showing a girl pornography twice in 2017.

He also changed a pedophile register to display the image and details of the girl's father despite him not being convicted of sex offences.

Candy further photo-shopped an image of the man and his son to include a speech bubble above the child's mouth, with explicit, pornographic words and images attached to it.

He also photo-shopped an image of a penis near the face of the man in another photo, captioned with explicit words.

Both images were sent to the man.

Candy was serving two suspended sentences and probation at the time of the offences and has served 436 days in pre-sentence custody.

Defence barrister Malcolm Harrison told the court his client was a "very troubled man" and was suffering from autism spectrum disorder.

Chief Judge Kerry O'Brien ordered Candy to a head sentence of three years' imprisonment and activated the 620 days and four months left owing on his suspended sentences.

Candy was also re-sentenced on his probation order to nine months' imprisonment.

He will be eligible for parole on March 5, 2019.