NRL legend dumbfounded by rebuild

Broncos' legend Ben Ikin has been left dumbfounded by Brisbane's decision to pursue a rebuild under new coach Anthony Seibold for a club that prides itself on premierships.

Ikin had a long affiliation with the club as a player and in all his time covering the side he has never heard the word rebuild mentioned until now.

"I don't know when the Broncos supported this idea of trading out these senior players with a view to the future," Ikin told NRL 360.

"In my experience as a player there and for the time I have been retired and watched the club from a distance, this is a club that does not accept development years.

"They don't rebuild. They are in it every year to play finals and ideally from a top four position.

"I'm getting the sense with this talent that has been released that the Broncos have almost given up on 2019 and are building for years down the track.

"This is the big story around what the Broncos led by Anthony Seibold are actually doing with their roster."

The Broncos have undergone somewhat of a roster overhaul since Seibold took over with players headed for the exits left, right and centre.

The Broncos have released James Roberts to the Rabbitohs, Kodi Nikorima to the Warriors and Josh McGuire and Jordan Kahu to the Cowboys.

Matt Lodge is reportedly being chased with big money offers from the Eels and the Warriors, while the Rabbitohs are targeting Jaydn Su'A.



"Tevita Pangai Jr only signed a one-year extension last year and I know his form has gone cold based on how he played at the start of the season, but I'm assuming the Broncos want to keep him," Ikin questioned.

"He still remains unsigned so is there a feeling that he has committed elsewhere and hasn't made it public yet?"

Paul Kent countered that the Broncos began the season with hopes of a premiership, but have since shifted into rebuild mode.


Broncos coach Anthony Seibold has let a lot of senior players leave the club on his watch.
Broncos coach Anthony Seibold has let a lot of senior players leave the club on his watch.

"In any sport around the world a rebuild is an admission you can't win the comp," Kent said.

"The Broncos began the season thinking they were going to win the comp and at some point it has transitioned from we are going to have a crack at winning it like we do every year to actually we are in a rebuild stage, which is an admission that they can't win it this year.

"The concern for the Broncos is that Seibold arrived with this young roster with the world in front of them and now everyone is leaving.

"Meanwhile the older players in Darius Boyd and Anthony Milford who are not providing value for money are still at the club."