SCRUMPTIOUS: US actress Gwyneth Paltrow, holding her daughter Apple at a Coldplay concert in 2005.
SCRUMPTIOUS: US actress Gwyneth Paltrow, holding her daughter Apple at a Coldplay concert in 2005. STR

Oh baby, what's in a name?

ALL cases are unique and very similar to others, said legendary British poet T S Eliot.

Or, in the case of most “unique” child names today, identical to the names of yesteryear.

It seems originality truly is a rare beast.

An analysis of more than 750 million records by Genes Reunited, a family history website, has found that bestowing a child with an original name is a lot harder than some people may think.

But, as we are seeing on an increasing basis, it has not stopped parents from trying.

The organisation examined some unusual names given to the children of celebrities.

It found that baby names such as Suri, Cruz and Apple have been recorded for more than 150 years.

Not even giving your child a really out-there name guarantees success on the originality front.

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s decision to call their daughter Apple left mouths agape around the world, but the name appeared in censuses in 1861, 1871 and 1911.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban also opted for a somewhat odd name when they called their daughter Sunday, but it had previously been used 305 times between 1837 and 2005.

In fact, the website found that there are only 1000 unique names – both forename and surname.

The prize for the most original celebrity baby name must go to Sir Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates, whose eldest daughter Fifi Trixibelle doesn’t appear in any records.

They also did all right with younger daughters Peaches and Pixie.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri may not meet many others with the same name but she might be surprised to know it was first officially registered in 1891 and has been registered 67 times in birth records up to 2005.

The Sunshine Coast is no stranger to head-scratching names, as anyone who regularly reads the Daily’s babies page can attest.

But surely no one will ever outdo the Love family of Maleny when it comes to bizarre names.

Try Benjamin Funky Love, Shumbi Arka Real Love and daughters Sabiah O’Hara Faery Love and Lola-Jae Lucy Juicy Love.

But in a victory for commonsense, the most popular all-time boys and girls’ names are more traditional – with Mary and John coming in at No.1.

Twin Waters couple Darren and Yokoh Geitz opted for less run-of-the-mill names for their sons, Asher, 4, and Austin, two months.

“Asher is a lovely name. Its meaning is beautiful,” Yokoh said.


The top 10 names of all time:

BOYS: John, William, Thomas, James, George, Robert, Charles, Joseph, Henry, David

GIRLS: Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ann, Margaret, Jane, Alice, Hannah, Emma, Ellen

* Source: Genes Reunited