Dennis Joseph Dodd set up a drug cooking lab in a luxury hotel.
Dennis Joseph Dodd set up a drug cooking lab in a luxury hotel. tongdang5

O.M.G! This bloke built a meth lab in a luxurious hotel

MOST people book into luxury hotels for relaxing holidays or somewhere to sleep while working away from home.

Not Toowoomba bloke Dennis Joseph Dodd.

He likes to stay in hotels to cook up drugs.

In fact, the long-term ice addict cooked up more trouble than he expected when he set up a methamphetamine laboratory in a 4.5 star executive-style hotel in Spring Hill.

Suspecting Dodd was up to no good, the facility's management tried to kick him out but he refused to leave.

Police turned up and were quite surprised when Dodd opened the door with a bottle of iodine - used in ice production - in one hand and a metal bar in another.

If the iodine wasn't enough to give him away, the smell of illegal drugs being manufactured was.

Shutting the lab down, cops charged Dodd with multiple offences.

On Wednesday, Dodd pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court to eight charges including producing a dangerous drug and possessing a dangerous drug.

The court heard he was producing the methamphetamine for his own use and that it was quite dangerous for him to cook the drug in a hotel.

Meth labs are notoriously dangerous and can blow up, causing injuries, property damage and sometimes killing people.

Dodd had a long history of drug crimes so he spent the 15 months since his January 2018 arrest on remand.

Judge Michael Shanahan sentenced the 42-year-old to 2.2 years in jail, and due to the time served, listed his parole release date as May 24, 2019.

"Unless you have come to realise what drugs are doing to you, nothing is going to change," Judge Shanahan told him. - NewsRegional