PAINT-A-PICTURE: Feature Rolf Seiber in his studio.
PAINT-A-PICTURE: Feature Rolf Seiber in his studio. JOY BUTLER

ON SHOW: Rolf Seiber's Hervey Bay exhibition.

SHOWCASING the foreshore of Hervey Bay and parts of K'gari, Fraser Island, you can discover artist Rolf Seiber's artwork when it goes on display at the Fraser Coast Cultural Centre, 166 Old Maryborough Rd, Hervey Bay, from March16 until April 29.


We caught up with Rolf to find out what makes him tick as an artist.

Have you always been artistic?

I inherited the artistic vein from my father - painting landscapes was his hobby.

From an early age I was interested in sketching and painting things around me.

At 16 years, a local artist inspired me to participate in a drawing course at the academy of fine art in my home town, where I learned the basic principles about visual art.

Over the years I became a hobby artist. Whenever I had a bit of spare time on weekends I painted a landscape or a still life.

When we moved from Sydney to Hervey Bay I joined the Hervey Bay Art Society and became an active member.

I furthered my study in theory and techniques at the local TAFE college and finished with a Diploma in Visual Art with distinction.

What/who are your influences?

As an artist living in such a beautiful part of the world, the focus of my paintings is mainly the tranquil surroundings of Hervey Bay and Fraser Island.

I love the beautiful beaches, the flora and fauna, the sunrises and sunsets which influence my artworks.

The historic and spectacular architecture of Maryborough has fascinated me and culminated in many artworks.

The diversity of subjects on the Fraser Coast motivate me to create artwork that people can resonate with.

I sought inspiration from other Australian artists, especially Tom Roberts, Arthur Stratton, David Davies, Albert Namatjira, Warwick Fuller, Margaret Olley and some German and French artists including Max Liebermann, Karl Buchholz, Werner Tubke, van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir and Cezanne.

What is your favourite artwork, by which artist and why?

One of my favourite artworks is Gumtree Scented Days by Australian landscape artist Warwick Fuller.

It is such a fascinating painting, it captures light and the space of a Blue Mountains valley.

This painting demonstrates the joy of the moment when you look down from a mountain viewpoint.

It is such a great painting, perfectly executed, which makes it my favourite.

How regularly do you paint and what medium do you work with?

I paint on a regular basis once or twice a week and I paint in a number of mediums, but my preferred medium is acrylics.

I like acrylic because of my style of painting and it suits my pace.

It is a quick-drying medium so I can continue an artwork until it is finished.

All my paintings are on canvas.

I experiment sometimes with other medium, like mixed medium, linocuts and collage.


Is there any type of art you've always wanted to master?

I like and admire the artworks of Noosa artist Michele Knightley.

She produces environment-based artworks, which is a medium of drawings, prints, paint and photography.

The mix of all these mediums creates a unique mix of overlapping and it expresses the feeling of nature in a modern, contemporary, versatile way.

Maybe this is a medium which will be a challenge for the future.

Where can people find your art on the Fraser Coast?

People can view my website,

My paintings are on display at Gallery 5, Hervey Bay Art Society at 5 Sandy St, Urangan, The Sticky Fig Cafe, the upcoming exhibition Flashes of K'gari & the Bay at the Fraser Coast Cultural Centre and the exhibition Creative Expression at the Gayndah Regional Gallery from April 5 to May 12.