Goody Two Shoes Cloggers at Scarness Park.
Goody Two Shoes Cloggers at Scarness Park. Alistair Brightman

Once you try it, you'll be hooked

Patti Koorneef has tapped into the art of clogging - and is addicted.

The Goody2Shoes owner started a group in Maryborough last year with great success and will open another beginners class on March 24.

"There were more than 40 people interested in the class when I started it last year," Patti said.

"So I am creating another beginners class, and we start at the beginning."

Patti said you needed to have some level of fitness.

"I do not throw you into the deep end - we start of slow and increase the music beat as they get better."

She said Goody2Shoes was currently recruiting new dancers to take part in beginner classes starting in March.

She said clogging was suitable for everyone - men, women and children from the age of eight - with the best part being that you don't have to memorise every step.

"You don't have to learn the whole routine by heart like you would if you were tap dancing.

"Every step has a name and we teach that step, teach the name of it and repeat it over and over in class and when it comes to the final routine we queue those steps to put the routine together.

"Anyone is welcome to come and have a look and sit through the class."

Not to be confused with Dutch wooden shoes or blocked drains, she said the dance was great exercise for both the body and mind.

"It's a passion and once you start it's kind of like an addiction," she said.

"It's really good for preventing the onset of dementia and it's good to have the clogging family.

"It's all about dance, fun and friendship, and that's basically what they set out to do and achieve every week."

Classes will be held on Wednesdays at the CWA Hall, Pulgul St, Urangan, and from 8.30am Saturday at the Granville Hall, Cambridge St, Granville.

All you need is comfortable joggers or enclosed shoes. The first class is free and $10 per class thereafter.

For more information, phone Patti Koorneef on 0419763680 or email


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