Ian McGivering was the pick of 350 applicants for an operating position at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal.
Ian McGivering was the pick of 350 applicants for an operating position at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal. Peter Holt

One job, 400 keen applicants

ALTHOUGH lucrative salaries can buy you just about anything, people still want a job that is close to home and close to town.

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) is regularly receiving, on average, 400 applications for just one entry-level position.

DBCT senior public relations advisor Sharon Johnston said the company filled about 80 positions last year and had 10 positions available at present.

"When we advertise for operators and administration staff, we get approximately 400 applications per position," Ms Johnston said.

"It takes us about eight weeks to sort through the applications, short-list, interview and appoint."

Despite being the workplace of choice for hundreds of job seekers, DBCT is still affected by the skills shortage.

"Most administration, operator, apprentice, system maintainer/trades (positions), we can find suitable applicants for quite easily with the amount of applications we get," Ms Johnston said.

"However, specialist roles, particularly engineers and planners, are much harder to come by.

"At the moment we are looking for control systems engineers, maintenance engineers, reliability engineers, conveyor engineers, a senior maintenance planner and area maintenance planners."

"We pay competitive salaries, offer lots of benefits and incentives to employees and people don't have to be away from their families," she said.

So, with so many applicants, how can jobseekers stand out?

"Professionalism, the right experience and great presentation will help an applicant stand out from the applicant pool," Ms Johnston said.

DBCT resume tips

  • Have a professional application
  • Use the correct resume format - templates are available online
  • Don't have spelling errors
  • Explain why you specifically want to work for the company
  • Show that you understand the industry in areas such as safety requirements
  • If you don't have exact experience, show how your experience fits the duties of the position you're applying for.