Zakarey Bainbridge takes a penalty kick for the Past Brothers.
Zakarey Bainbridge takes a penalty kick for the Past Brothers.

One of the best deciders in years

OPINION: I’m quite happy to say that Saturday’s grand final was one of the best I have seen in Bundaberg.

NewsMail editor Adam Wratten and I watched the ­decider in the grandstand at Salter Oval as Past Brothers defeated The Waves for their third title of the year.

And it was brilliant to see a hard, tough, fair contest with a lot of points.

The game flowed well with limited stops and both teams focused on playing rather than creating drama with fights or brawls.

Sure, there was the odd one or two, but that is expected in a final.

It was a credit to both teams that the game wasn’t decided until right in the end.

The Waves gave it their all in one of their best games all season.

It was the perfect combination of youth with Sam Tobin, Lachlan Santana, Benjamin Ashford and Jai Smith all ­contributing alongside the ­experience of Clinton Horne, Reece Maughan and Tyrell Howard, even though Howard isn’t old.

But at the end of the day, Past Brothers had all the ­answers.

The difference, I believe, was fitness.

Brothers had the extra week off and it showed as the side was able to run up through the middle and make plenty of ground.

Grand finals are a weird beast sometimes.

You can be the best team during the season but because of the ‘one game wins it all mentality’, it allows another team to steal the thunder.

If The Waves won, the side would have certainly deserved it but you can’t ignore the form of Past Brothers during the year.

The side had the best attack, the best defence and lost just twice during the regular ­season.

It was the form team all ­season and deserved to win the premiership based on that.

The future of the BRL under its current format is ­unknown after the forum last month into Wide Bay and rugby league.

Whatever happens, the main thing that needs to be kept in mind is how good the action is on the field. And ­Saturday’s final delivered that.