One Optus tower on Fraser Island okay, second not

OPTUS has been given permission to construct a phone tower on Fraser Island at a location where Telstra currently has one.

But its plans for a second tower at a new location, which would have provided coverage in areas not currently serviced, has been knocked back.

The two proposals - one granted for Orchid Beach and one denied for Happy Valley - came before the council at its ordinary meeting last Wednesday.

Two Optus spokesmen were at the meeting and used the public participation period to argue the benefits of the second tower.

The primary reasons the spokesmen gave was to service areas near Happy Valley currently without reception.

They argued it would provide emergency coverage to all networks in areas of beach where a high percentage of vehicle crashes on the island happen.

The Fraser Coast Regional Council planning report highlighted how the tower would have disrupted the current environment and would have been about 50m above the trees.

"It is considered that given the majority of surrounding residential dwellings are single storey, the proposal will not visually integrate with the surrounding landscape, and will be visually obtrusive for the surrounding neighbourhood in addition to the entrance route to the township of Happy Valley," the report stated.