Classifieds site posts advertisements for drugs, stalker

ONLINE classifieds site Craigslist is known for its strange and wonderful advertisements and Hervey Bay residents have joined the fray.

Two weird and wacky requests on the site are likely to have people scratching their heads.

But not all posts are within the law with one post clearly an illegal request.

A Hervey Bay gamer has shown no fear of the law and posted a request for cannabis.

"Hi, I need to buy a 50 of weed, I just bourght (sic) a PS4 and would like to chill with some weed haha (sic)," the post reads.

The site runs anonymously with no usernames or details assigned to a post.

It is possible the request was a joke.

From the illegal to outright strange, another poster has taken a little too much inspiration from cult-hit TV series Pretty Little Liars.

The show revolves around four teenage girls who are stalked by the mysterious A who knows a secret about the tragic death of one of their friends.

The Hervey Bay poster was asking for someone, free of charge, to act as their own personal stalker - no deaths required.

"Many of this will find this bizarre and strange, it's not a job for everyone," the post started.

"I'm just looking for the right person."

The poster then goes on to explain how they would like to engage someone to stalk their friends.

"Many of you may of heard of the TV series Pretty Little Liars," they said. "I am looking for someone to be A.

"Yes, that is what you just read, I want somebody to stalk/torment me and my friends and find out all our secrets.

"It's not a paid job but it will definitely be an experience."

The poster claims the advertisement is not a joke.

"Please only contact me if you are serious about this offer."

The post has been removed in the last 24 hours.

It is not clear if the poster ever found their own personal A.